Tuna with cauliflower and sweet potato chips

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In this recipe we will talk about the sweet potato, a food that has been gaining popularity around the world over the last decade, although in Europe it continues to be somewhat less popular. It is only consumed frequently in some countries, such as Spain, where it is traditionally eaten roasted during the autumn months.

The sweet potato is a nutritious, delicious and very affordable food, and like tuna, it is very versatile in the kitchen. A near infinite number of dishes can be prepared from its flesh, from baked dishes, purées, sauces and even desserts. You can (and should) use everything from the sweet potato, which is why today’s recipe will show us how to make the most of its less popular part, which some people prefer to discard and throw away: its skin.

The skin of the sweet potato can be eaten, and it is common to cook it along with the rest, but with no special attention paid to it. Even so, when you separate them you can put them to unique and delicious uses, such as making delicious sweet potato chips, a fun and crunchy way to eat your sweet potato skins. Serve with a cauliflower emulsion and a nice jumbo slice of Koldfin Yellowfin Tuna, and the result will be a real treat.

Ingredients ( 4 pax)

  • 2 pack of jumbo slices of Koldfin Yellowfin Tuna Frozen Marinated Yellowfin Tuna.
  • ¼ cauliflower
  • Skin of 1 sweet potato
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 40ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olive oil for cooking
  • Dificultad Low

Paso a paso 1/7

Bring salted water to the boil. While waiting for it to boil, clean and chop the cauliflower and peel the sweet potato into long, wide strips (the perfect size for making chips). Place the peelings in a bowl of cold water.

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When the water is boiling, add the cauliflower, cover and lower the heat a little and wait 8-9 minutes. While waiting for it to boil, prepare a container and a blender to make the emulsion. Once we have everything ready for later, we can start making the sweet potato chips before the cauliflower has finished boiling.

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To prepare the sweet potato chips, remove the excess water with a sieve and dry them with a paper towel. It is important that they are very dry, because if they are wet they can splash while frying

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Heat a frying pan with olive oil. Since the skins are very thin, it is not necessary to use a lot of oil. The temperature of the fire must not be too high, or we run the risk of burning the skins. To check that the oil is hot enough, dip one of the skins into it and if bubbles appear, it is ready.

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When we are frying the sweet potato, we must make sure that the number of bubbles decreases and the skin begins to take on a more golden colour. When it has this colour, place it onto a plate with paper towel to absorb the oil.

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It should take more or less 8-9 minutes. To check if the cauliflower is cooked properly, prick it and if it is not hard, we know it is ready. Take the cauliflower together with its leaves and mash it in the bowl until it takes the form of a emulsion. The leaves will give it an appetising touch of green. Add the oil (40ml), season with salt and pepper and mix again.

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Finally, take out the Koldfin Tuna slice, heat a frying pan and sear it on a very high heat for 45 seconds on each side. Serve with the sauce and chips, season with salt and pepper and it’s ready to eat.

Rediscover the sweet potato, a little-known delicacy.

Christopher Columbus brought with him an incredible variety of vegetables, fruits and spices from the Americas, many of which have become essential to the diet of the West and the rest of the world. Among the most famous species are tomatoes, maize, peppers, cocoa, potatoes, etc., with a worldwide gastronomic relevance and a common presence in most of the world’s dishes. Even so, some species that should deserve the same recognition as the others went unnoticed, and were relegated to a very secondary role in our gastronomy.

One of these species is the sweet potato, a food that is well-established in Asia, America and some regions of Africa, but with a surprisingly limited presence in Europe, where it is only truly popular in certain countries such as Spain, where it is traditionally eaten roasted during the autumn months.

We hope this recipe will help you discover a new way of cooking sweet potatoes and inspire you to incorporate them into your diet.