Light dinner ideas with marinated tuna

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Running out of dinner ideas for this autumn season? Here are 5 light dinner ideas with Koldfin marinated tuna.

Here are 5 ideas for light dinners to keep you warm on colder days. Take note!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you like light and simple, healthy and nutritious dinners, you’re in luck. We propose 5 ideas for light dinners to warm you up on colder days. Take note!

Tuna, incredibly versatile in the kitchen

Tuna is a very versatile product that is perfect for preparing thousands of recipes, whether in the form of fillets, tataki or cubes. It can be combined with various ingredients, such as vegetables or fruit. It also pairs well with citrus or fatty foods such as foie gras.

In addition, fish provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the body, so it is advisable to include it in meals.

At Koldfin, we present various cuts adapted to the needs of the domestic kitchen, so that you can create thousands of dishes conveniently and quickly. Today we are going to cook with jumbo fillets, cubes and steaks.

5 light recipes for everyday life

Tuna with sautéed mushrooms:

designed for this season. What better way to honour them than with this delicious dish? Our chef has chosen seasonal mushrooms to accompany the tuna.

Tuna fillet with onions:

For a light, quick, delicious and nutritious dinner.

Marmitako de atún:

This dish comes from the north of Spain and is a fantastic way to recover and warm up on cold days. Here we present all the steps.

Semi-grilled tuna with sautéed Kalamata olives:

Have you ever considered adding olives to your fish dishes? Go on, try it.

Tataki de atún con verduras salteadas:

Who doesn’t fancy a nice tataki when you get home after a hard day’s work?