Do you know how to defrost tuna correctly?

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Did you know that the taste of the tuna we cook depends to a large extent on the defrosting process? Take note and savour the full flavour of real Yellowfin Tuna.

Tuna is a demanding product that requires correct defrosting to maintain its original texture and flavour. That is why we recommend always defrosting it at the lowest possible temperatures. To find out how to achieve a perfect result after cooking, read on. We tell you in 5 steps:

Maintain properties and texture

The flesh of this fish is firm and silky, offering a delicate texture in the mouth and a very mild flavour. It also has a reddish colour that is very characteristic of our Koldfin Soul range. In terms of nutritional properties, it provides vitamins A, B and D, as well as omega-3 and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and selenium.
In order for the tuna to maintain all its qualities, it is important to use the right defrosting process, with no haste and patiently.

Tips for proper defrosting of tuna:

  1. To start the defrosting process, remove the Koldfin tuna from the FlatSkin packaging and dry it with paper towel to remove any water that has been released.
  2. Then if possible, place the product in a colander with a bowl underneath so that the water it releases does not come into contact with the tuna. We recommend covering it, so that it isn’t affected by odours and suffers no kind of alteration.
  3. Then store it in the refrigerator, as far away from the door as possible so that it isn’t affected by temperature changes when the appliance is opened and closed.
  4. To maintain perfect texture, it is best to gradually defrost it in the refrigerator, at between 0° and 4 °C, for 24 hours before consumption.
  5. Finally, for proper storage, it is important to keep the freezer at a minimum temperature of -18°C. Once defrosted, it must be kept cold to avoid breaking the cold chain, and it should never be refrozen. Our advice is not to wait more than 24 hours before consuming it if you want to appreciate all its nuances and superior flavour.
    Now you know everything you need to know to enjoy top-of-the-range cooking in your home. Just one last detail, to get the most out of Koldfin products, you should always cook them. Ready to enjoy the real taste of tuna?